Playing God, Making Matter

We’ve understood so much since quantum physics/mechanics came to be. We’ve advanced electronics with giant strides after inventing the transistor. By understanding the Periodic Table, we understood how to dope silicon, amplifying electricity, energy itself using free electrons.

Starting at the basics is how we as a society started, slowly building onto our knowledge over 10’s of thousands of years. We’ve kept making advancements at the quantum level because it’s easier to study when it’s right in front of us. The difficult part is studying the Universe from what we aren’t accustomed to, the inside looking out. When we understand the basics of the atom, we shift the knowledge into everyday life and technology. We should never lose sight of re-examining the basics.

It’s difficult to discern how an engine works if we’re an atom on a spark plug. In essence, this is how we study the Universe. A new theory looks at our Universe in the perspective of how we study everything else, how it works from the outside in. After all, we aren’t accustomed to studying something from the inside out, we’re much better at studying everything from the outside in. This gives the proper perspective, that yes, we are a minute speck in the comparison of the Universe. This is not to say we are insignificant, on the contrary, we are made of the Universe, we are part of the Universe, and we are needed for this Universe to exist for its purpose.

“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”
― Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Atoms desire knowledge, matter is the beginning of everything; we emulate what we are made of. The atom has language, giving us language. Atoms are electrical, brains receive electrical signals, and we are what atoms know. Most all our traits are found in what made us.

We can see building blocks, (Figure 1) when we step back, back even further. Viewing this Universe in its entirety resembles what matter builds. In contrast, a new theory says atomic particles communicate at every scale, even Universe scale. The point is, our own universe resembles what atoms would make with its bonds and methods of communicating using EM radiation, (i)  new ways to transverse the Universe. Now, one could conclude, the Universe is actually atomically similar to the atom, and why wouldn’t it be? universe-size SCIENTIFIC AMERICA

Image Credit



If the Universe made all of the Atoms, shouldn’t the Universe be atomically the same way, shape, and or form?

Figure 1 could also resemble string theory, tiny vibrations each string makes dependent on scale; only each string is filled with vibrations itself. Examining it differently, as a whole; this planet from far away would only register as a nitrogen, or the Schumann resonance in our ionosphere at approx. 7.83Hz. From this far away, the Sun doesn’t have much power, even the Universe when we view it from the outside in. Meaning, there is much more to what is inside the quantum world of an atom and how it works as we don’t really find at CERN.

Forces of magnetism, resonant vibrations, or electromagnetic radiation could be influencing this Universe from the outside in, let alone all the EM radiation the Universe creates on its own. A Universe being bombarded with EM radiation might not be any different from what an atom must deal with, as frequencies bombard atoms every nanosecond and have since the beginning.

With that said, try assuming something outside of this Universe did make it and it didn’t just start from nothing, there was a purpose for its creation, no different from us learning. Chaos theory states there are tiny variations in everything; an electron moving in a certain direction could cause a chain reaction changing outcomes. Therefore, with the Universe being atomic in nature in this scenario, the Universe also has tiny variations within it including the outside of it, as if we were to put Figure 1 in motion.

A couple days ago I was referred about a scientist that has a theory close in some aspects to Scale Theory, as I’ve coined the theory of everything. I looked Robert Lanza, M.D. up and found some interesting reading; here’s a quote from the website:


Lanza believes that multiple universes can exist simultaneously. These universes contain multiple ways for possible scenarios to occur. In one universe, the body can be dead. And in another it continues to exist, absorbing consciousness which migrated to this universe.” (iv)


How consciousness moves so fast from Universe to Universe isn’t explained.

Is it entanglement?

Whatever it is, a nature-based theory, such as Scale Theory explains that in a multiverse, as the mathematics of quantum physics/mechanics predicts, every Universe would be unique in its own way, no two Universes would be the same, we exist in this Universe only. Everything inside the Universe is moving, no different from any other atomic particle. To us, movement might be in millions of years, but to a Universe, it has a different time scale than a tiny little spec inside of it.

There are only two possibilities: yes or no. Would you agree that the Universe should be unique as everything we find in the Universe?

I mean look how beautiful a snowflake is, no two are alike. How would we recognize people if we couldn’t tell them apart or fingerprint them? Chaos, slight differences are the root cause even in two identical atoms of oxygen, they might look the same and do the same things, but slight differences make these particles unique also. We will never experience those differences until we view our Universe from the outside in.

Could we make matter?

This piece refers to a Quantum paradigm in many ways, that there is a pattern to everything, even our Universe.  Making an atom is about learning its language, but the language of the atom is frequency, as is the Universe; play the correct sequence and we should be able to duplicate chemical reactions. That’s the beginnings of making and understanding matter.







Are Magnetic Forces Responsible for Variations in Planet Orbit and Rotation?


Magnetic Map of the Milky-Way Image Credit

By JT Tilly 5-31-2017

Why do the planets orbit the sun and spin with so many deviations in rotation and orbit? The Earth speeds up and slows down, Saturn might have been where mars is, Venus is reversing its spin. Why did the planets revolve around the Sun in that direction?  – If you know any scientist’s, please pass this along to them for their critique

What’s the explanation for how the solar system started to rotate, counter clockwise with planets rotating counter clockwise, besides Venus which is rotating really slow and slowing down. Maybe the planets didn’t start out in a counter clockwise direction, maybe it’s possible they started out in a clockwise direction. Astronomers theorize that the gas giants started out closer to the Sun; this theory we will explore could shed light on why or how that could be. An added magnetic force along with gravity can actually explain why the Earth speeds up or slows down ever so slightly. It can also help make sense of why planets move closer to the sun while others move further way in their orbit or why Venus is slowing at such a rate as it is.

This added force could also help explain why Uranus’s rotation is at almost 90°, but its magnetic field is at 60°. The theory along with magnetic forces at the furthest from the Sun helps explain this tilt, its reaching for what little energy, solar wind which are charged particles with a weaker magnetic field the Sun has to offer from so far away. Any tilt of a plant could also be cause by its conductive material built up on one side or another where it isn’t uniform throughout the sphere.

Planets magnetic fields don’t always align with the poles of its spin or rotation, the theory explains them moving as matching up with the magnetic forces from the solar wind.

An experiment was done in 1821 proving the magnetic qualities I’m speaking of. Michael Faraday’s first motor experiment explains the counter clockwise rotation with the counter clockwise orbit. This is why I wanted to know if Venus was slowing down in its spin.

Where is this energy coming from causing these spins? Was the direction all due to accretion alone when the Sun really doesn’t rotate much and if it did, it’s difficult to tell from the Plasma on it Corona. Does the spin have nothing to do with the solar wind, charged particles from the sun?

More on this later when we find out what the Sun is made of, besides Hydrogen and Helium.

If more positive particles are made on the sun and expelled as plasma, spin is in one direction, if more negative particles are made, spin is in the other direction. Think of charged particles as electrons in a wire inducing a motor to spin, only in the case of a planet made of conductive material, a magnetic direction is created and is working with the center magnet we call the Sun. Faraday’s experiment explains this phenomenon well. If polarity is changed, the magnetic rotation in the wire reverses also revering in direction. If the center magnet is turned over, the spin also changes direction with the same polarity in the wires.

magnetic field direction

Figure 1: Magnetic Field Rotation Image Credit

So when a current flows from negative to positive up the wire, the magnetic field rotation spins in a counter clockwise direction. When a magnet, the Sun is placed at the center, this rotation pushes off the natural flow of the center magnets rotation. With the Sun flipping every 11 years or so, this has an effect of slowing planets down ever so slightly or speeding them up.

This might be due to Venus not having a natural magnetic field as explained by and Venus Express.

“Since Venus has no intrinsic magnetic field to act as a shield against incoming charged particles, the solar wind sometimes interacts directly with the upper atmosphere. However, Venus is partially protected by an induced magnetic field.”

Interaction between the Sun and Venus change the process compared to the rest of the planets with a natural magnetic field. This can explain why Venus started to rotate in the opposite direction with an induced magnetic field. It could slow down a lot or speed back up when the sun flips magnetic fields. So it is always controlled in a much different way by the Sun’s magnetic flip, where the other planets only feel slight changes. This is still just a theory.

Venus slowing down by an amount greater than normal was predicted by me, even before looking up if it was slowing down or not. Just by understanding magnetic forces and knowing Venus was spinning in the opposite direction than the other planets. I had to look up if Venus was slowing down or not, to my surprise and confidence builder, it was. We might not know this information if it wasn’t for Venus Express who visited the planet 16 years after NASA’s Magellan orbiter. Maybe if we keep measuring Venus we can find out if this theory hold validity.

Who would care which way the planets are going and if they do indeed spin in the same direction. I did, when I put the puzzle pieces together. The planets are all revolving counter clockwise and are also rotating counter clockwise. This is the right hand rule in electrical magnetic forces. If a planet or any object has current flow from south to north it will create a counter clockwise force.

Scientific explanations for Venus slowing vary, from its core, if it’s liquid or solid, to high velocity winds somehow pushing against the emptiness of space. Nothing can turn in space unless you have something to push against; it’s a basic law of physics.

Electromagnetic forces help prove my theory of why Venus is slowing. Venus has slowed according to by 6.5 minutes over 16 years. Can you imagine if we lost 6.5 minutes over 16 years? That would be 32.5 minutes over 80 years or a lifetime. Those are some pretty big brakes to slow Venus down that much, and so fast. Venus rotates on its axis incredibly slow and in the opposite of other planets. The length of a day on Venus was 243.0185 Earth days when they last measured.

Now, Venus hasn’t been slowing forever, it must either stop or spin the other direction. Scale Theory predicts Venus will stop and start to spin in the same direction as the rest of us planets, unless a flip in the solar system occurs before that. Scale Theory also predicts the spinning of planets in other any direction isn’t unusual. However counter clockwise is the norm for solar systems.

The flip of the magnetic field in Earth’s paleomagnetic record just might coincide with the last flip and why Venus ended up going in the wrong direction. I haven’t done all the math, this is just a theory of why the planets orbit the sun and rotate on their axis. Yes, Earth’s magnetic flip as all planets are rotating in the same direction except Venus, Uranus is just on its side.

We still have a theory for the reason the Earth is magnetic, the dynamo theory. Einstein believed that there might be an asymmetry between the charges of the electron and proton so that the Earth’s magnetic field would be produced by the entire Earth. Walter M. Elsasser proposed that this magnetic field resulted from electric currents induced in the fluid outer core of the Earth. Patrick Blackett did a series of experiments looking for a fundamental relation between angular momentum and magnetic moment, but found none.

Not much consensus on the matter, that’s for sure. A NASA site stated this about the geomagnetic reversal, “We do not completely understand the mechanism, but it seems to have much to do with the fact that the core of the Earth has a component that is rotating and a good conductor of electrical currents. These currents come from atoms that have lost some of their electrons because of the enormous pressures there.”

You can see the current theory for the geomagnetic reversal here.

The site also refers to the Sun and its magnetic flip which happens on the 11-22 year range. This flip by the Sun isn’t as important as what the plasma is made of, more positive or negative for the force which might be causing Venus to slow down. The cycle of the Sun’s magnetic field, seen here by a NASA visualization shows it’s very sporadic in every direction. These can be a cause for the Earth slowing or speeding up as some scientists suggest wind in the northern hemisphere is causing this phenomenon around January. (See Figure 4) Actually, as I stated earlier, I don’t see how wind can interacts with space as a vacuum with nothing to push against, but that is their story, and I might be missing something completely. A north pole tilting away or towards the Sun’s magnetic field could also yield results of Earth’s variation in rotation, ever so slightly, depending on the suns magnetic field at the time. These examples can also be a cause for every variation planets experience. Many factors play a part in every variation and would be difficult to determine as planets are big and they don’t just immediately start speeding up or slowing down. It could be as if we tried to slow down or reverse a generator at the Hover dam with a battery wired with opposite polarity, it would take a long time.

The fact we don’t have answers to how gravity could speed up a planet, what I have to say should be taken with an open mind, taking off any blinders one may still have on.

When I viewed the suns activity on NASA’s visualization, my immediate thought was, I bet the Earth speeds up and slows down. I didn’t know this already; I thought it just slowed down from the effects we were taught about gravity and angular momentum. Eventually the Earth was supposed to slow down till it stops. So I looked up, “earth speeds up and slows down in 11 year cycles”. According to this site They say it’s the Earth’s core which isn’t centered, okay, as I said, this is still a theory which in my opinion should be checked into. But really, the core spinning how fast is off centered?

(Edited found this in 2017,

“Every six years, Earth spins slightly faster and then slower”

There is electricity all over this solar system; Saturn is a neon light, as we are at the poles, the arboreal’. Where do you think our contacts are? The poles, along with lightning 100 times a second makes the solar system very electrical. Magnetic forces are intrinsic with electricity; the only way magnets are formed is with electricity.


Figure 2: Lightning Sprites and Blue Jets, Borealis Colors. Ever experience static electricity traveling the opposite direction?

Saturn also has lightning, as other planets probably do. This is another subject and could play a part in how planets behave, which will be discussed in my Book, “An Infinite Time in Space” – Scale Theory. It’s interesting how planets, suns even galaxies all have a certain magnetic makeup as atomic particles, each is different, as are particles.

Even though the rest of the planets are also slowing down while going in the direction dictated by current flow, it certainly isn’t to the degree of how much Venus is slowing and going in the wrong direction. Gravity is a factor, along with how much conductive material is inside the planet, what is within the plants atmosphere, its conductivity; all are variations conducive to a planets rotation and variations.

Our Earth is slowing down, due to the loss of momentum by the effects of gravity,(Newton’s Third law) this we know. Tidal acceleration along with frictional “drag” caused by the Moon’s gravitational pull can also play a part. But it is getting a kick to speed up ever so slightly from time to time. Even though the Earth does slow by a second every how many years, it doesn’t mean it was always slowing or was going much faster 100 million years ago. This is an assumption that it will continually slow down for billions of years. Nothing says it can’t behave as Venus is today 200 million years from now either.

Yes, the simple laws of physics still apply to Earth and the other planets, only magnetic forces, as we well know, are contained within each planet and the Sun with various degrees. We also know gravities force isn’t as strong as a magnetic invisible force. Variations also exist and everything is constantly changing where gravity alone doesn’t offer any solutions to the stated fluctuations occurring all around us every year or 100,000 years. Gravity does offer a reason for the Earth slowing down, but not speeding up even by a fraction of a second.

Does plasma from the sun emit more positive or negative ions and does it change over time? Well, we do find many elements on the Sun and this might vary also over millennia. What’s funny is looking up certain things about science, as I just did a search for elements on the sun. Main street science doesn’t like to admit there are other elements on the sun such as Iron. So or doesn’t have any results for that query.

I don’t know if the below table is correct, but it’s a start. Who could have thought Oxygen could be found on the sun? Even Iron, as I bet you also saw some of those documentaries which said once a star produces Iron; it’s all over for that star and will become a nova or super nova. I guess our sun needs to make a lot more than .014% of total mass for that documentary to be true. For the sun making only .014% of its total mass in iron, it’s a lot.


Element Abundance (pct.
of total number
of atoms)
(pct. of total mass)
Hydrogen 91.2 71.0
Helium 8.7 27.1
Oxygen 0.078 0.97
Carbon 0.043 0.40
Nitrogen 0.0088 0.096
Silicon 0.0045 0.099
Magnesium 0.0038 0.076
Neon 0.0035 0.058
Iron 0.030 0.014
Sulfur 0.015 0.040

There is an explanation for it after all, as stated; Scale Theory predicted it and eventually Venus will be orbiting like the rest of the planets. The fun part will be figuring out exactly why Venus started rotating in the wrong direction in the first place.

My first guess is it might have something to do with what elements are made on the sun. Say for instance if it started to make boron which has an odd numbers of atomic elements, 5 electrons and 5 protons and 5 neutrons. This would change the electrical output of the solar wind, plasma at its surface along with the other elements being broken into plasma. The solar wind is just like a bunch of wires running throughout space until it stops at the outer edge of our solar system, where voyager satellites are at. (Uranus on its side)

If the Universe made all the atoms and atomic particles, shouldn’t the Universe be atom like?

Magnetic direction in the paleomagnetic records might not be from the Earth’s actions alone. Besides, has anyone really figured out why the Earth flips magnetically? If we do flip, we just might slow down or speed up like Venus is with its huge break applied to its angular momentum. I don’t think science has accounted reasons for its slowing. Well, here is a first guess, if they ever see it or care.

As stated, this theory can explain Venus going in the wrong direction to begin with. However, there must be something different about Venus, maybe it’s a conductivity issue about Venus, inside it or even at its core. Maybe it’s something in the atmosphere, but it is something that’s different which made it want to spin the other way and is still slowing down. Maybe it just takes its time or rotates really fast when it’s going in a clockwise direction and takes a lot longer to slow down and reverse direction as it is now, it is a mystery.  Maybe Earth and other planets do reverse also, more needs to be studied obviously and this is still just a theory.

So, why would the sun flip magnetically, it has magnets all over it. I guess we are back to wondering why the Earth flips magnetically before I brought anything up about the subject. There are other guesses we can take a stab at, but science really would like them so they will also be saved for my book. Science doesn’t like the electrical Universe theory what so ever, even though they see and measure electrical phenomena all the time in our cosmos.

I think it might have something to do with how galaxies seem to form tentacles between all of the “clusters” and “groups”. Something causes galaxies to cluster (magnets, gravity) as they do in the picture below. (Figure 3)



Figure 3: The small section of the Universe far away from the Milky Way. A parsec is equal to about 3.26 light-years in length. Megaparsec is 1 million times further, h = Hubble constant.

The solar system is electrically based; why else would a solar system rotate in the same direction as the planets do? Well, except Venus, but there is a reason for it electrically. All we have to do is go back to Faraday’s first motor. Faraday explains the solar system only no one saw it. Magnets are made electrically, only science still hasn’t accepted the fact electricity, as on earth plays a big part of the Universe. Gravity is the reason for the direction we orbit? What started it in that direction? Yes, gravity does do a lot but it can’t speed up rotation. It doesn’t make planets move further away from the sun. There are just too many unanswered questions for everything in the Universe to be gravity based. Magnetic pull is much stronger also. Both gravity and magnets play a part in everything next to a sun.

Using Michael Faraday’s original experiment which we readily use as an example of the first motor, believe it or not, this actually explains planetary movement. The copper wire is a planet, magnetized, the center magnet as the sun, with charged particles in the space between. The sun emits charged particles made from plasma, which is replicated in Faraday’s saline solution. Free electrons are the explanation for a directional force orbiting all planets in one direction. A planet doesn’t need to have a magnetic field; it only needs to contain metal even non-ferrous metals such as copper which Faraday’s experiment uses.

This can explain the different orbits for each planet, some plants per decade are moving further from the sun, and then again others are moving closer. Scale Theory offers one more explanation, which can be shown in an experiment, rather than tides or the loss of mass from the sun. Gravity wouldn’t actually account for planets moving away or closer, as gravity would only decrease at the sun, if the sun does burn up billions of tons of hydrogen losing mass. Other forces are at work and it is due to charged particles we find to the outer plants.

Negative electrons in plasma direct the planets in a counter clockwise direction around the sun, as we see here in the animation below.


Figure 4: Michael Faraday’s first motor experiment. Image Credit (my bad gif skills)

The negative lead is connected to the saline solution in the bowl and is attracted to the positive in the copper wire. The positive copper wire represents our charged, or any planets charged upper atmosphere. The sun is represented by the center magnet and the saline solution represents the solar wind with negatively charged particles. (Figure 4) However, the sun also emits positive charged ions, as is the nature of plasma.

The stronger the magnetic field in a planet, the further from the sun it will be by the complex nature of Faraday’s experiment, how magnetism and charged particles interact. This phenomenon also explains how planets may have shuffled over millions/billions of years, the grand tack hypothesis. A fluctuation in the sun’s energy, space energy, can bring the gas giants closer in or further away. Just as when Faraday’s experiment is turned off, the copper wire loses its magnetic field and drifts back to the center. The nature of the wire in the saline solution resembles all of the planets except Uranus, which is almost on its side. This sideways behavior might be intrinsic to the last gas giant in a solar system. The rest of the planets have the current flow of the wire, south to north, which makes it rotate counter clockwise and orbit the sun counter clockwise using the right hand rule. (Right hand rule uses the thumb for current flow and the curve of your fingers for direction of the magnetic field)

A wire’s magnetic field rotates depending on the current flow, this is what gives us the results in Faraday’s experiment. But, if we were to add in the frequencies found throughout the entire Universe, which we know to possess electrical current. We get what our galaxy is, all on a single plane called an ecliptic plane, which is the nature of electricity and magnetism, as seen in Faraday’s experiment.

We could also lower the voltage or raise the voltage and the wire would either be closer to or further from center. Planets magnetic fields also vary over the years giving credence to why the Earth’s magnetic field flips every 200,000 to 300,000 years, it’s electrical, as planets are bombarded with plasma ions from the sun. Lightning can also play a part in planets magnetic field, Saturn, the same as Earth, has extremely powerful lightning. Where we all know, electricity is intrinsic with magnetism. (Chaos Theory)

Gravity still holds us in space time, not letting us fling away out of our orbit. But as demonstrated with a ball spun in a funnel; eventually gravity would overcome with the ball ending up at the center. There are many variations to every planet and the suns they orbit, yet the effects of electromagnetism are indeed there, only not fully perceptible until an explanation for orbital direction is pursued.

There is another force keeping the planets where they are, the force of gravity and the speed or momentum of Earth keeps it in equilibrium, but gravity and the nature of space time will eventually pull planets closer to the sun. Every planet is inching its way further from the sun, except four, where eventually the speed would slow and planets would inch closer to the sun. Just as orbiting satellites without fuel end up crashing into Earth.

We must also consider what keeps two magnets being attracted, despite the planets magnetic orientation relevant to the sun. The Earth is a big magnet, and so is the sun along with every other planet to a certain degree. One would assume magnets, planets and the sun, would attract along with the force of gravity over billions of years. We are still here though, so another force is at work which is similar to Faraday’s experiment.

Negative ions or particles in space from the sun give credence to sprites above the clouds in an atmosphere. The majority of charged particles are deflected by our atmosphere, yet also using them increasing the magnetic field of the Earth, using the charged particles as the copper wire in Faraday’s experiment. Charged particles in our atmosphere

Comets are different than metallic asteroids, hence an explanation for the asteroid belt. Most all asteroids are metallic, which is affected by the solar wind and charged particles/ions and the suns magnetic field.

By JT Tilly

I know this isn’t perfect, but it’s the basis of a theory, much work needs to be done to perfect it. I don’t have an editor and I’m not a writer. I will be writing a book about this and many other subjects just as intriguing. How, I don’t know, this is why I am sharing it. How the Universe works will be up next. Please contact me if you think you can make money off these ideas, you will need me for insight as I didn’t give it all away, even though it might seem it.

Any thoughts, criticisms, what I get wrong? Let’s work on it! I can use the money if its worthy at all.


Why is Space Black?


Hubble deep field

Why is space black? – If you know any scientist’s, please pass this along to them for their critique.

The below quote was taken from NASA’s Starchild site in an attempt to answer the question, “Why is space black?”

“Many different explanations have been put forward to resolve Olbers’ Paradox. The best solution at present is that the universe is not infinitely old; it is somewhere around 15 billion years old. That means we can only see objects as far away as the distance light can travel in 15 billion years. The light from stars farther away than that has not yet had time to reach us and so can’t contribute to making the sky bright.” –…

Well, we aren’t asking if the night was full of stars, nothing but stars would definitely make the night sky to appear, “bright”.

What we are asking is what’s behind the stars and why it is black. Even Hubble’s deep field space photograph still shows black, and these are too far away to even see with the naked eye. Even if the Universe was infinitely large as NASA stated, we couldn’t ever see them all; let alone making the night sky bright.

Let’s look at the “best” solution NASA had. They know for a fact, the Universe isn’t infinitely old, but still don’t really know why the sky is black reputedly referring back to stars making the night sky bright.

So I guess the question should be rephrased for NASA. Why is the night sky black even if there weren’t any stars? Well, one thing we do know, the outside of the Universe doesn’t have a light shining on it so light could fill the sky. This is one reason the night sky is black.

If there were a light shining on the outside of the Universe, it would be one big sun, as big as the Universe itself, and something like that just wouldn’t exist. Even if it did it could only light up half of the night sky at a time, as the sun lights up half of all spheres or 3D objects. This fictitious sun would also need to be bigger than our Universe to light half of it up.

Obviously we can’t see the most distant stars and galaxies, as their light is just too dim. The blackness will always over come, even if we could see forever, nothing is bright enough. The, “packets of energy” lose their energy, what the photons are, as Einstein once said. The photon has lost a lot of its energy over those “billions” of light years, this is why it is dim or can’t be seen without help. Photons traverse gases, dust, radiation and even temperature, taking its energy away so we can’t see it that far away.

Another subject entirely, but photons losing energy is the reason for a redshift, not that light is being stretched or space being stretched. The entire spectrum shifts when it loses energy, and space isn’t being stretched faster than the speed of light as scientists say some galaxies 13.4 billion light years away are doing by their redshift. That is just a story which I can’t believe science is sticking to.

How do we know the Universe has an outer edge, perhaps defined as chaos or probability? The CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) is said to be the outer edge of our Universe, where microwaves bounce off of it as “leftovers” from creation. Scientists also say the CMB was created at the time of inflation. If that were true then it would have needed enough time to hit the outer edge of the Universe and bounce back to us, over and over. We can go out and measure the CMB any time we want, because it’s always there.

Space is black, correct, so light waves outside of the Universe are too big for us to see, as we can’t see atoms using light, the light waves are too big. This is the second reason why space is black. This is one basis for my theory I’ve coined, Scale Theory, which I’ve started a book for. Even if it isn’t all true, I do think it will hold peoples interest where it could in fact be true.

If the Universe made all the atoms and atomic particles, shouldn’t the Universe be atom like then?

Why does the Big Bang theory have so many dogmas, yet it’s still believed, almost as some believe in a god. That might be taking it a bit too far, but it almost seems that way as science keeps defending it, even if it breaks the speed of light barrier. Why is science’ interpretation of our beginning so far from what nature has demonstrated to us? Something starting out with millions if not billions of degrees is something of science fiction. As stated, if the Universe made all the atoms, shouldn’t the Universe be atom like?

The blackness we see can mean only one thing, as strange as it might sound. There is a multiverse and light doesn’t shine on us from out there, meaning we are a tiny little thing in terms of where a multiverse or what it exists in. Humor me for a bit while we imagine a multiverse analogy, which quantum mechanics does mathematically predict.

Say we are as big as a billion Universes, no… bigger still. We are the size a human is to an atom, only an atom is the size of our Universe. On the outside of our Universe there could be enough “space” for another, scale of reality, or “dimension”  of reality we will never be able to visit, only it’s made of entities bigger than what a multiverse is made of.

This scenario is possible with the use of modern day physics, wavelengths or frequencies; the electromagnetic spectrum. It is what everything is made of and is infinite in nature. Our scale of measurement in the Hz (Hertz, frequency, or wavelength) doesn’t exclude the possibilities of any negative Hertz (Hz) “cycles” smaller than a Yoctohertz 10−24 Hz or negative, but actually meaning bigger or longer than 1 HZ. Nor the opposite of smaller than gamma rays in the Yottahertz (YHz 1024 Hz). (This part is important proving bigger waves exist even if we can’t measure them due to the scale or limits imposed on us beyond our control; as confusing as it might seem with our terminology.

1Hz = 300,000,000m and is negative, where 1 GHz = .3m or 1 THz = .00029m, even smaller, yet this end of the scale is positive?)

Wavelength Frequency Formula

Wavelength (λ) = (v) is the Velocity over (f) is the Frequency

wavelength frequency formula

Wavelength (λ) = (v) the Velocity over (f) the Frequency

Energy is also infinite and so is magnetism, which goes hand in hand with electricity; which is also a frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum. I could go on for hours about this, but I think you get the idea, everything needed to exist in a scale bigger than our reality can exist without a doubt, all thanks to infinity science has ignored, while claiming to be looking for all the answers. If you were just thinking what I was, yes, this concept can definitively be possible bidirectional. Yes, science has ignored infinity, why do they use re-normalization or limits.

Now, would we be able to see light this bigger than a multiverse scale scenario? Well, if we used the light waves we are using now, 500 nm or so, no, they are too small, it would be the same way they are for us to see an atom. The only way we can see an atom is with electrons, light waves are just too big to illuminate anything so small. The smaller the wave/frequency the more likely it is to be reflected off or absorbed by a single atom, such as gamma rays or microwaves, the CMB. I can go on for hours about this also as there is much more to this.

Planck satalite_CMB

Figure 1: Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) from the Planck Satellite. Image Credit

The only problem with the CMB, being at the far reaches of the Big Bang Theory, nothing can be bouncing off the outside of our Universe yet, if it is still expanding as they say. No “echo” could be heard back until the Universe stopped expanding, so I don’t get their reasoning for an expanding Universe still having a CMB from inflation; the leftovers from the big bang with a Universe expanding faster than the speed of light. A “bang” of sorts wouldn’t stop expanding, so what in this atomic world has anything similar to that behavior? The solutions lies where we aren’t expanding and red shifts are caused by loss of energy in the “packets of energy” a photon is.

The Big Bang states we went faster than the speed of light, just so we can exist 13.8 billion years ago according to NASA’s calculations. What made microwaves at the beginning when atoms didn’t even exist? I have also read the CMB started when inflation began and we can still see it somehow. What makes more sense is it has bounced off the inside of the Universe since it began and is still being modified. Another reason can be our cosmic noise originates outside this Universe and relies on it for its own existence. It gives rise to why or how the Universe can last so long and why atoms last so long.

An atom starts with all of its components, ready to do what it was intended for. This is Scale Theories explanation for the Universe. The Universe didn’t grow up so to say, waiting for the first atoms to be made, 300,000 years later, it evolves and learns, as everything else does. So whatever the Universe was intended for when it was made, it couldn’t do it if the Big Bang was correct.

This NASA site got one part right at least.

“Astronomers now realize that the universe is not infinite. A finite universe—that is, a universe of limited size—even one with trillions and trillions of stars, just wouldn’t have enough stars to light up all of space.”

It still doesn’t answer why space is black, we know that there aren’t enough stars to hide the blackness though.

Before I forget, if the night sky or outer edge of the Universe was reflective, as it is with the CBM and its waves, electromagnetic microwaves can bounce off of it. With that thinking, wouldn’t the most outer stars and galaxies closest to the edge already been lighting up the outer shell, so to speak?

So, in theory, in line with the Big Bang Theory, when we overexpose an image for just the right amount of time, we should be able to see brightness lighting up the most outer region of the Universe. Remember, we can’t see anything past what we already do see, the outer edge of the Universe is just too far away.

If there is one, an outer shell of the Universe, as we do have a snapshot of the CMB. So, something is there. Only, I bet, it doesn’t reflect light, hence another reason for the blackness. Light wouldn’t really reflect off a single atom, as we know they are too big of a wave. Light does however; reflect off of many atoms and why we see color etc.

One thing to add, if we were to look at our Universe from the outside looking in, we would see an opaque mass. Something as we see when we look at a mapping of the Universe resembling a brain or neuron. If we zoom out even more than the picture, (below) to the real size of the Universe, eventually everything would look solid, as mass does.


Figure 2: A very small section of the Universe, big to us though. The more you zoom out, the more solid and matter like it becomes. Image Credit


Response to Richard

Well, thanks for the reply and it’s nice to know you too and to have cyber met you. You seem to be on the ball with your questions as an “armchair scientist” with the brightness of your bulb.

Thoughts could travel faster using entanglement, as I wish words would express those thoughts just as well. I’m working on my mastery of words to convey what I am thinking, but it is difficult, I have to admit. My preferred method of exchanging thoughts would be telepathy and it’s ironic and inspiring you brought that up.

I am interested in math and geology, I will check out your link, as I would like to get some of my thoughts published also, fearing its just a wet dream though. I hope not… Elementary logic does explain the Universe, if I could only write it all down. I have pages upon pages of stuff that explains how we could cure cancer or how to tap unlimited energy from the infinitely dense space, where space is proven to be infinitely dense in the physics textbooks, Gravitation pg 426.

“…present day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.”

I write people trying to tell them, but no one wants to listen as there are so many crack pots out there the real people wanting to help get lost. I’m not crazy, but am starting to think I am. Uttering stuff like, I think I can cure cancer and not even cut you open, as McCoy in star trek said, “put away your butcher’s knives”.

Yeah, many youtube videos do push the limits, but science isn’t. They have stuck to the Big Bang and the expanding universe still ignoring infinity which they physically measure and calculate. I’m sorry, but science shouldn’t use limits and re-normalization just to make their world a finite one; proven in their own textbook. The Universe is not finite and answers of infinity should be embraced rather than ignored such as the Schrödinger equation and the Dirac equations, any calculation which gives infinity as a solution. Ignoring infinity isn’t a true scientific method.

I feel as if my concepts could benefit society. I’ve been doing this alone and bouncing ideas/ concepts off someone else with even some science background could only help the process. I would like to find someone to help, as many concepts use existing and proven technology. The technology of the future is frequencies, as we have found to discover, MRI, quantum computers, cell phones or even a drone.

After all that rambling, let me respond to your most recent questions. Not to answer your question with a question, however the answer is a complex one. Defining forever concerning a photon, how far can light travel before hitting the edge of the Universe? We see it 13.8 billion light years away and we will probably see it even further if we overexpose for 6 months, or longer still. Can one side of our visible Universe see the other side of our visible Universe 27.6 billion light years? We won’t know that answer for a long time, if we are still around because we can’t seem to stop repeating history. Does a photon last after coming out of the Universe, as energy comes out of an atom? If a wave of energy would exit our Universe that is.

Anything atomic seems to last forever only changing its form. What forever meant or defined as; a photon has to go through dust, radiation, gases, and all kinds of obstacles for us to see it. It therefore loses energy resulting in the entire spectrum shifting to lower energy, this is the reason for the shift. Not that it’s zooming away from us faster than the speed of light. The speed of light in this Universe will always remain at 300k/s with some slight variations as chaos can’t be predicted. Forever has many meanings so I will let you decide if I really answered what forever is.

The General Equation of Relativity still exists and I don’t think people are getting away from it or using quantum physics/mechanics for fun. It’s just that other forces are at work scientist refuse to examine and admit, the same with infinity. I mean we are stuck on lightning being made by dust in the clouds, where we know water kills any static electricity. There is much more of a charge in the ionosphere, as we see from the borealis here and on other planets. Try the comb experiment under a faucet, and then get the comb wet. Sprites and blue jets exist for a reason above the clouds and has a lot to do with the plasma, charged particles the sun makes.

Electricity is found everywhere in the Universe, in our bodies, in our technology, even on Saturn. Why doesn’t science admit the many implications of what we are all made of, the electromagnetic spectrum? Why don’t we have a science of the electromagnetic spectrum, a formal classification for the study of frequencies? In my opinion it’s the most important part of our cosmos.

One sentence I do like to ask scientists without getting any response yet is, “If the Universe made all the atoms and all we find in the Universe is atoms and atomic particles, shouldn’t the Universe be atom like then?”

How do we know the Universe has an outer edge, perhaps defined as chaos or probability? Space is black, correct, so light waves outside of the Universe are too big for us to see, as we can’t see atoms using light, the light waves are too big. This is one basis for my theory I’ve coined, Scale Theory, which I’ve started a book for. Even if it isn’t all true, I do think it will hold peoples interest in wonderment.

I hope you are a little bit intrigued at least. Because this is just scratching the surface of everything I’ve written down and can’t get a single person wanting to know more, just for kicks or science fiction if anything. Yes, I probably come across as a crack pot, but how else do you tell someone you have life changing ideas hoping they don’t think you’re crazy? If I had a lab with all the right equipment and an assistant with in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of the equipment, I know I could get something to work proving my point. Yes, lots of studies still need to be conducted, but one must start somewhere or die trying.

You can reach me at Better yet, you can leave a reply below. I’m not sure it works, as no one has replied. I hope it works…

In response to Richard: “I will put a ‘think’ on this and get back to you soon. Jack. I have been watching a lot of YouTubes these days with folks going against the General Equation of Relativity or some such, and I think some people just want to have a bit of fun with Quantum physics and such. When you ask me if I think photons live forever…define forever. Meanwhile, a friend of mine work on S.T.E.M. high school rocketry stuff, aerospace and astronautics and such, so if you like math, we just published the first of its kind math-lab textbook if you care to look it up and see what you think of it. I, myself, am merely an armchair scientist, though I do environmental science, and write about geology, geomorphology and the like ( But you, sire, appear to me to be one of the brighter bulbs in the pack, so you won’t get that kind of brightness from me, but I will enjoy picking your brain so to say. Meanwhile, I still watch all the cosmic YouTube stuff just to try and keep up with the bigger IQ types, even though some propose speeds faster than C. Then again, math doesn’t lie, but why restrict ourselves to the speed of light? After all, if you were zipping around the Kuiper belt and you and I were in touch by telepathy, thoughts go much faster and farther than anything, don’t you think? HA! Here’s the URL to our book, Jack. Nice to know you.”

Changing our Perspective – Scale Theory


We can see back in time according to this image, did you know that we could? Nothing was around to leave the CMB where they have placed it, but quantum fluctuations; it was dark and no atoms existed. How were the microwaves made from quantum fluctuations from a point that wasn’t a point, but everywhere? Image Credit

Are you a writer with basic knowledge of science? Would you like to help with this concept of changing our perspective of this Universe?

Well, it’s quite long to explain entirely and it needs help to word it just right. I wish I could say exactly what it is in a paragraph, but for one way I have put it. We keep most everything the same, but change the perspective.

We need to understand what and where we are in this huge universe. Another quick way is to say, if the universe made atoms, shouldn’t we then say the universe is atom like? We are a part of something bigger. Each particle we find inside atoms performs different tasks and each is different in it own way. A Planck is different from a quark, a quark is different than a proton, a proton is different than the electron, the electron is different than the atom. It goes the other way also, the Universe is different than what it is a part of, a multiverse, what it’s name is, is different than what it is part of and so on.

Some people don’t like the thought of saying the universe is atom like, but it has many properties as an atom has. Of course it isn’t an atom or exactly like one, it’s in a scale of its own and different in its own way.

Another way of describing it is what is above is below and what is below is above, a very ancient saying. Infinity does exist and the important aspects of them are frequency magnetism and temperature, a wave is infinite above and below and temperature is in every scale, as long as there is movement, there is heat or lack of cold. Hot and cold can create electricity as does magnetism.

When we do change our perspective, new technology is a result. Accepting the notion the universe is atom like, understanding it’s electric in nature, as we see plasma on suns, in explosions and many magnetic fields, none of which are nuclear, but are radioactive at such high levels. You can get sun burnt from welding, imagine that exponentially listening to the hum of a big transformer.

The Universe is filled with what we degrade as “noise”, cosmic noise, white noise, it’s this noise we should be studying. Using the “noise” correctly eliminates the need for fuel or old-fashioned steam-generating power. Tesla knew what it was and now I do, Schumann resonance has a reason as Tesla knew. What we also need is a formal science of the electromagnetic spectrum, it most basic of everything around us. Look up the study of frequencies or electromagnetic spectrum. There is none, why isn’t there? A periodic table of sorts could be generated from which frequency is responsible for certain chemical reactions. Atoms don’t touch unless they have open slots for electrons changing its form or bond. Bonds can be broken to cure disease, almost every field of science can be affected positively by this theory, but I don’t know how to get the word out or done well on paper.

There is so much more to say, but this is why I want to put it all in a book, as the more you know, the more it should convince. I haven’t been able to poke holes in the theory, because the more I look up, the more scientist’s experiments vilify Scale Theory even more.

I can detail many technologies, so much so they can be built using existing experiments already done, so I know they will work. Refinement would need to be done once built or if someone else would like to attempt it once the book is done.

It will probably need to be many books; this is how much information is needed to understand fully the concept and understanding why it’s much simpler than the big bag dogmas. Occam’s razor, states the simplest is the best, “the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected”. There are no dogmas in Scale Theory, as I have loosely coined it. The theory also predicts, unlike the big bang, and embraces quantum physics because we are saying the universe is atom like. There isn’t much of a better way to unify a theory of everything. Quantum physics also predicts being correct more than the big bang, an origination at millions of degrees, a onetime event in an existence of life and death, reborn, recycled all with a symbiosis to last billions of years.

Relativity does blend with the quantum world, only we aren’t seeing the entire picture. Everything is in scales of big or small. The small is comparable to the big. The only creation we know of is mitosis and we still don’t understand that either, as we don’t with the Big Bang expanding faster than the speed of light to be created.  Take a look at a cell being created, duplicated in the mitosis process, did you see how fast all the atoms were created? It wasn’t at the speed of light. Now, to understand why we do think the Universe needed to be created at the speed of light or faster. Try and imagine yourself inside the atom being created,  it would seem to be created supper fast, faster than the speed of light if you could be aware at the time of creation. This is due to your scale being so small everything would just appear. It didn’t take millions of degrees to make those atoms in DNA, it took energy in the form of vibrations, something which isn’t studied existing in the Universe right now as it’s full of cosmic noise.

The four things found in atoms, strong and weak force, gravitational force and electromagnetic force, all of which is located here, in this galaxy and universe. Atoms can communicate this we know when we see evolution, entanglement or just being on the same brain wave as someone else able to read their thoughts, thinking is done on the atomic level. We access memory stored in our brains, it might be no different than how binary code is interpreted, only at a cellular level. When we do figure out which frequencies are responsible for memory, we can see the past to the beginning. An atom is infinite, it can communicate, entangle and it stores information lasting forever.

I can give references to anything I refer to proving its possible. I’m also writing as a scientist wants to tell someone how this or that works, with no details left out as the big bang does. As Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t know it well enough yourself” or something like that.

Scale Theory also understands everything has a scale to it and once we see the scale of the universe as it really is, not from one little part of space we sit in, much more is understood why galaxies are formed the way they are etc. I will go in detail about all subjects including that one in the book.

We should look at creation which happens at the smallest of scales because everything still works at the smallest scales, small waves such as the CMB (cosmic microwave background) has microwaves which have been there since creation on the outer shell of the universe. Those same microwaves are even smaller in a multiverse scale, as are vibrations protons, boson or quarks make in our scale.

Much more to be said, stay tuned.

JT Tilly

Arizona USA

Book in the works, looking for help, please reply for feedback.


A Different Perspective of Cymatic Shapes, Atom Vibrations and Variations Making Everything Unique


By JT Tilly

Alchemists shouldn’t have been looking at other chemicals/elements to accomplish the assumed impossible task of making gold from lead. Nor should chemists rely on an impossible task of creating the exact molecule to combat disease or something mundane, as an artificial flavor.

If atoms vibrate, then shapes are also formed, relayed as information other atoms can interpret. A picture is worth a thousand words, yet, we see a shape, pictured below, (Figure 1) having countless mathematical formulas relying on its creation. One frequency holds the key to this shape, but would involve hours of coding to accomplish the same. Chemists do the same seemingly impossible task, producing molecules hoping to interact with a cell to either kill it or modify it to behave as desired.

3835 hz cymatic frequencies

Figure 1: Cymatics, 3835 Hz Frequency using salt on a metal plate connected to a speaker. Image Credit

Using what already exists skips the daunting tasks of reinventing the wheel. What everything is made of holds the keys we have been looking for. Frequencies are the key alchemists were looking for.

An atom only has electrons circling its nucleus, how else would a chemical reaction take place? It’s not liquid at the atomic level, it isn’t even gaseous or a solid. What else is there to an atom, causing a reaction, if it has nothing but vibrations, energy and frequency? Never forgetting polarity, balanced or unbalanced. What Nikola Tesla said, must be really true.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

There is also a resemblance of the above shape of 3835 Hz pattern to the Tablet of Shamash. This will be another subject we can visit, but isn’t in the best interest of society if we continue having a deviant government and no one can seemingly get along with one another. Some technology is more advanced than our psyche can actually handle. This isn’t anything new and has been said before. It only takes one lunatic to cause havoc for the rest of us. Will technology outpace our own mentality? (I just thought I would add this part in, it doesn’t back the theory, only makes light of how much we think we know, but just might not) The theory behind the tablet, is its a blueprint for anti-gravity, as I said, this is another subject we can visit someday. Hopefully my book will come out first.

Actually, I’m not sure I should be sharing this much, hoping I’m actually wrong. The only problem is, too much evidence backs my theory up. However, not knowing the entire theory of Scale Theory, can also keep a stuck concept, stuck.  


Figure 2:  Tablet of Shamash. Image credit – By Prioryman – Own work, GFDL,

So far, what nature is trying to convey to us all sounds simple then doesn’t it? We just need to find the correct vibrations and energy to do what atoms do. That would seem logical at least. Well, it isn’t that simple, but it is much simpler than reinventing the wheel with the correct molecule for each problem faced as a chemist looking for a cure.

As we find cures to disease today, we can also test the new drug for other uses. We should utilize all the work that went into creating the drug for use somewhere else. Most likely, it only has one application. The same wouldn’t be true, if and when we find how vibrations, polarity and the exchange of protons or electrons creating a molecules shape is actually done, naturally. Mimicking exactly how atoms interact, causing chemical reactions to take place. When we find what works with a single atom, molecule, the same will work for that single atom in other molecules containing the same atom. Building molecules using vibrations, rather than finding the correct molecule/element. The vibrations ultimately do what you want, we couldn’t smell if atoms didn’t vibrate and our receptors didn’t turn it into electricity. A periodic table could be created of sorts, so when the bonds of one atom are calculated, it can be easily referenced for future use. We do need a science of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, we don’t have one, I’d like to start one… someday… maybe.

Say for instance bonding Hydrogen with Oxygen, is it just that Oxygen has more electrons than Hydrogen and when a photon is emitted, energy lost, the two will join creating water?  As in a fuel cell, hydrogen losses an electron in a catalytic reaction becoming an ion, therefore creating electricity. Then the Hydrogen ion combines with Oxygen, as it is looking for an electron, ultimately producing water vapor. When we do find what bonds elements together removing energy as microwaves can cool or split Hydrogen and Oxygen in a saline solution using frequency alone, the same process can be reused on other compounds instead of creating new molecules for the desired effect.

We break bonds of water now, we just use an incredible amount of electricity to force the bonds of Hydrogen and Oxygen apart. What is electricity, but what an atom is made of, releasing a spectrum when enough electricity is applied. Electricity is also a frequency, if you want lots of it, turn up the amplitude. Nature doesn’t break bonds or create them using electricity with the amplitude set so high. It does it with shapes of information contained in that vibration, loaded with information only an atom knows. The language of atoms if you will.

Frequencies create shapes, should we not have a science field reflecting the true nature of frequencies, along with everything they are capable of and responsible for? A new book will outline how everything is a frequency and capable of making shapes, from the atomic level to our Universe, as everything resembles a shape where frequency is involved.


Figure 3: A very small section of the Universe, big to us though. The more you zoom out, the more solid it becomes. Image credit

The book also calls for a dedicated science field concerning frequencies and magnetism, what their capabilities are. If we look up the study of frequencies or the electromagnetic spectrum, there isn’t anything with an, “logy” at the end.

However, the above photo, (Figure 1) is cymatics, meaning, “wave” it’s a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. A phenomenon is harsh for a natural process, which we don’t understand. How else would patterns be made throughout the Cosmos and why do we excel at pattern recognition?

Galaxies are formed from what appears to be nothing, yet the Universe is filled with frequencies, we call it “noise”. Cosmic noise therefore has a reason, only we haven’t really studied it, have we? Spiral patterns have also been created in a lab using frequency alone. (2:08)

Therefore, maybe the study of all waves should be “kyma” meaning wave and “ology or logy” a scientific discipline. Cymology, should be the study of waves, magnetism, electromagnetic spectrum and their energy. If energy exists in everything, should it not be studied? All that’s needed is for a sun to warm an object up, and then said object will move. e.g. focus sunlight on an asteroid changing its trajectory away from an Earth collision. Thermodynamics plays a big role in our Universe, more so than any scientist will admit to. They just found out the solar wind stops or slows tremendously, according to Voyager II. What else stops at almost absolute zero, but also travels incredibly fast if it’s mass is large/small enough?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
― Nikola Tesla

Slight variations in these patterns are the cause for many difference in something exactly the same, e.g. Every snow flake is different, no finger print is ever alike. Probability plays a role in determining where an electron will be, as it moves at such an incredible rate of speed. Therefore, chaos probability exists everywhere an atom resides, which is then, Universal.

Every atom has an electrical force, protons and neutrons, positive and negative. Some atoms have less or more of an electrical charge, which is good for doping transistors with an amplifying effect.

There are many more secrets I’d like to share, but this information can also be used in the wrong fashion. It doesn’t belong in the hands of today’s government with desires of power, ready to blow ourselves up, rendering the planet useless with radiation for millions of years. The planet doesn’t care, it will live on, hopefully bouncing back to its original state, before man came along. It’s kind of cool knowing atoms can last for what can be construed as infinite, but as our Universe has lasted billions of revolutions around a single tiny Sun, it certainly seems to last for infinity. Billions of years to us, at least is infinity. Some suns are said to last trillions of years, how should we define infinity?

Following the methods of nature, as we learned to fly will let us find the secrets to the Universe. We just need to open our minds and let all of what we know fall into it place, accepting new concepts of how this Universe can be perceived.

Lasting language is in shapes, one that isn’t left to interpretation. Egyptians used shapes referred to as hieroglyphics; the society lasted thousands of years. The Chinese use shapes for each word, having genealogy dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). Should we not use what works using less energy in the process as nature intended?

Let me tell you about an ultimate language, telepathy is possible. It’s been proven in a lab to some degree. If we could communicate telepathically, would it not be easy to convey and receive ideas, methods or proposals using how you picture it in your mind’s eye?  Telepathy is when we are on the same brain waves as someone else. This is how we refer to telepathy at least.  

I sure hope these words accomplished my mind’s eye point of view. It really isn’t that easy to do. I really haven’t said exactly what was intended for it to come out somewhat coherent. So much more could be added, and frankly, I’m not a writer by any means. [If you know an editor – co-author, please send my information to them, thanks]

There is more evidence we can discuss backing up this claim, we should be pondering for our futures sake. Nature doesn’t think bigger or more is better, it uses the least it can to conserve energy, as a bee uses wax in hexagonal shapes conserving wax, time and energy.

Footnote, any errors in grammar or spelling, please let me know. Any disagreements in the concept, please also let me know, along with agreements. More than likely it doesn’t sound as intended. That fact is very possible, for translating thoughts into words conveying the thought to it’s apex, the highest level one can communicate at with full comprehension, is just about impossible.


Light Spectrum of the Universe

Scale Theory also predicts bigger objects than just a multiverse, elements alone in our scale are rarely found by themselves, because they are too reactive, elements alone wouldn’t be found in other scales either. This is one possibility why atoms emit and absorb so many frequencies in a higher state, an electromagnetic spectrum of elements. Our universe is full of different atoms and the prominent ones are more pronounced. The most abundant element in the Universe is Hydrogen. (Figure below) Scales are fractals with the same patterns repeated.



Emission light spectrum of hydrogen (bottom) Cosmic Light Spectrum of the Universe (top) Not to scale. If it was measured on the same instrument, the blues might match up, but they do resemble one another. An atom is just the same as the Universe it has the same properties.


If we could examine our Universe from the outside, looking in, would it behave resembling what it’s mostly made of?  Examining the elements in emission and absorption spectrums, many frequencies are contained in a single atom, not only in the visible spectrum. Meaning it’s quite possibly made of many different “elements”? Some emission lines are bolder or more pronounced than others, will this mean there isn’t as much of that frequency or component? What this is establishing is elements are more than just protons, neutrons and electrons. What is inside the proton and neutrons will also come out in the spectrum.

Elementary logic would tell us, a single element would have one frequency, as that’s all it is. Then why do some elements have many more spectral lines than others, not even relating to the amount of protons/electron ratio. Because there must be more to each atom as finding Quarks, Leptons, Bosons, and even all the hypothetical particles are telling us. We don’t need to smash them apart to find these particles either, they are in the spectrum, together and working. Anything that works is much easier to find something out about it.