Response to Richard

Well, thanks for the reply and it’s nice to know you too and to have cyber met you. You seem to be on the ball with your questions as an “armchair scientist” with the brightness of your bulb.

Thoughts could travel faster using entanglement, as I wish words would express those thoughts just as well. I’m working on my mastery of words to convey what I am thinking, but it is difficult, I have to admit. My preferred method of exchanging thoughts would be telepathy and it’s ironic and inspiring you brought that up.

I am interested in math and geology, I will check out your link, as I would like to get some of my thoughts published also, fearing its just a wet dream though. I hope not… Elementary logic does explain the Universe, if I could only write it all down. I have pages upon pages of stuff that explains how we could cure cancer or how to tap unlimited energy from the infinitely dense space, where space is proven to be infinitely dense in the physics textbooks, Gravitation pg 426.

“…present day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formerly be infinite if not removed by this renormalization.”

I write people trying to tell them, but no one wants to listen as there are so many crack pots out there the real people wanting to help get lost. I’m not crazy, but am starting to think I am. Uttering stuff like, I think I can cure cancer and not even cut you open, as McCoy in star trek said, “put away your butcher’s knives”.

Yeah, many youtube videos do push the limits, but science isn’t. They have stuck to the Big Bang and the expanding universe still ignoring infinity which they physically measure and calculate. I’m sorry, but science shouldn’t use limits and re-normalization just to make their world a finite one; proven in their own textbook. The Universe is not finite and answers of infinity should be embraced rather than ignored such as the Schrödinger equation and the Dirac equations, any calculation which gives infinity as a solution. Ignoring infinity isn’t a true scientific method.

I feel as if my concepts could benefit society. I’ve been doing this alone and bouncing ideas/ concepts off someone else with even some science background could only help the process. I would like to find someone to help, as many concepts use existing and proven technology. The technology of the future is frequencies, as we have found to discover, MRI, quantum computers, cell phones or even a drone.

After all that rambling, let me respond to your most recent questions. Not to answer your question with a question, however the answer is a complex one. Defining forever concerning a photon, how far can light travel before hitting the edge of the Universe? We see it 13.8 billion light years away and we will probably see it even further if we overexpose for 6 months, or longer still. Can one side of our visible Universe see the other side of our visible Universe 27.6 billion light years? We won’t know that answer for a long time, if we are still around because we can’t seem to stop repeating history. Does a photon last after coming out of the Universe, as energy comes out of an atom? If a wave of energy would exit our Universe that is.

Anything atomic seems to last forever only changing its form. What forever meant or defined as; a photon has to go through dust, radiation, gases, and all kinds of obstacles for us to see it. It therefore loses energy resulting in the entire spectrum shifting to lower energy, this is the reason for the shift. Not that it’s zooming away from us faster than the speed of light. The speed of light in this Universe will always remain at 300k/s with some slight variations as chaos can’t be predicted. Forever has many meanings so I will let you decide if I really answered what forever is.

The General Equation of Relativity still exists and I don’t think people are getting away from it or using quantum physics/mechanics for fun. It’s just that other forces are at work scientist refuse to examine and admit, the same with infinity. I mean we are stuck on lightning being made by dust in the clouds, where we know water kills any static electricity. There is much more of a charge in the ionosphere, as we see from the borealis here and on other planets. Try the comb experiment under a faucet, and then get the comb wet. Sprites and blue jets exist for a reason above the clouds and has a lot to do with the plasma, charged particles the sun makes.

Electricity is found everywhere in the Universe, in our bodies, in our technology, even on Saturn. Why doesn’t science admit the many implications of what we are all made of, the electromagnetic spectrum? Why don’t we have a science of the electromagnetic spectrum, a formal classification for the study of frequencies? In my opinion it’s the most important part of our cosmos.

One sentence I do like to ask scientists without getting any response yet is, “If the Universe made all the atoms and all we find in the Universe is atoms and atomic particles, shouldn’t the Universe be atom like then?”

How do we know the Universe has an outer edge, perhaps defined as chaos or probability? Space is black, correct, so light waves outside of the Universe are too big for us to see, as we can’t see atoms using light, the light waves are too big. This is one basis for my theory I’ve coined, Scale Theory, which I’ve started a book for. Even if it isn’t all true, I do think it will hold peoples interest in wonderment.

I hope you are a little bit intrigued at least. Because this is just scratching the surface of everything I’ve written down and can’t get a single person wanting to know more, just for kicks or science fiction if anything. Yes, I probably come across as a crack pot, but how else do you tell someone you have life changing ideas hoping they don’t think you’re crazy? If I had a lab with all the right equipment and an assistant with in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of the equipment, I know I could get something to work proving my point. Yes, lots of studies still need to be conducted, but one must start somewhere or die trying.

You can reach me at Better yet, you can leave a reply below. I’m not sure it works, as no one has replied. I hope it works…

In response to Richard: “I will put a ‘think’ on this and get back to you soon. Jack. I have been watching a lot of YouTubes these days with folks going against the General Equation of Relativity or some such, and I think some people just want to have a bit of fun with Quantum physics and such. When you ask me if I think photons live forever…define forever. Meanwhile, a friend of mine work on S.T.E.M. high school rocketry stuff, aerospace and astronautics and such, so if you like math, we just published the first of its kind math-lab textbook if you care to look it up and see what you think of it. I, myself, am merely an armchair scientist, though I do environmental science, and write about geology, geomorphology and the like ( But you, sire, appear to me to be one of the brighter bulbs in the pack, so you won’t get that kind of brightness from me, but I will enjoy picking your brain so to say. Meanwhile, I still watch all the cosmic YouTube stuff just to try and keep up with the bigger IQ types, even though some propose speeds faster than C. Then again, math doesn’t lie, but why restrict ourselves to the speed of light? After all, if you were zipping around the Kuiper belt and you and I were in touch by telepathy, thoughts go much faster and farther than anything, don’t you think? HA! Here’s the URL to our book, Jack. Nice to know you.”


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