Changing our Perspective – Scale Theory


We can see back in time according to this image, did you know that we could? Nothing was around to leave the CMB where they have placed it, but quantum fluctuations; it was dark and no atoms existed. How were the microwaves made from quantum fluctuations from a point that wasn’t a point, but everywhere? Image Credit

Are you a writer with basic knowledge of science? Would you like to help with this concept of changing our perspective of this Universe?

Well, it’s quite long to explain entirely and it needs help to word it just right. I wish I could say exactly what it is in a paragraph, but for one way I have put it. We keep most everything the same, but change the perspective.

We need to understand what and where we are in this huge universe. Another quick way is to say, if the universe made atoms, shouldn’t we then say the universe is atom like? We are a part of something bigger. Each particle we find inside atoms performs different tasks and each is different in it own way. A Planck is different from a quark, a quark is different than a proton, a proton is different than the electron, the electron is different than the atom. It goes the other way also, the Universe is different than what it is a part of, a multiverse, what it’s name is, is different than what it is part of and so on.

Some people don’t like the thought of saying the universe is atom like, but it has many properties as an atom has. Of course it isn’t an atom or exactly like one, it’s in a scale of its own and different in its own way.

Another way of describing it is what is above is below and what is below is above, a very ancient saying. Infinity does exist and the important aspects of them are frequency magnetism and temperature, a wave is infinite above and below and temperature is in every scale, as long as there is movement, there is heat or lack of cold. Hot and cold can create electricity as does magnetism.

When we do change our perspective, new technology is a result. Accepting the notion the universe is atom like, understanding it’s electric in nature, as we see plasma on suns, in explosions and many magnetic fields, none of which are nuclear, but are radioactive at such high levels. You can get sun burnt from welding, imagine that exponentially listening to the hum of a big transformer.

The Universe is filled with what we degrade as “noise”, cosmic noise, white noise, it’s this noise we should be studying. Using the “noise” correctly eliminates the need for fuel or old-fashioned steam-generating power. Tesla knew what it was and now I do, Schumann resonance has a reason as Tesla knew. What we also need is a formal science of the electromagnetic spectrum, it most basic of everything around us. Look up the study of frequencies or electromagnetic spectrum. There is none, why isn’t there? A periodic table of sorts could be generated from which frequency is responsible for certain chemical reactions. Atoms don’t touch unless they have open slots for electrons changing its form or bond. Bonds can be broken to cure disease, almost every field of science can be affected positively by this theory, but I don’t know how to get the word out or done well on paper.

There is so much more to say, but this is why I want to put it all in a book, as the more you know, the more it should convince. I haven’t been able to poke holes in the theory, because the more I look up, the more scientist’s experiments vilify Scale Theory even more.

I can detail many technologies, so much so they can be built using existing experiments already done, so I know they will work. Refinement would need to be done once built or if someone else would like to attempt it once the book is done.

It will probably need to be many books; this is how much information is needed to understand fully the concept and understanding why it’s much simpler than the big bag dogmas. Occam’s razor, states the simplest is the best, “the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected”. There are no dogmas in Scale Theory, as I have loosely coined it. The theory also predicts, unlike the big bang, and embraces quantum physics because we are saying the universe is atom like. There isn’t much of a better way to unify a theory of everything. Quantum physics also predicts being correct more than the big bang, an origination at millions of degrees, a onetime event in an existence of life and death, reborn, recycled all with a symbiosis to last billions of years.

Relativity does blend with the quantum world, only we aren’t seeing the entire picture. Everything is in scales of big or small. The small is comparable to the big. The only creation we know of is mitosis and we still don’t understand that either, as we don’t with the Big Bang expanding faster than the speed of light to be created.  Take a look at a cell being created, duplicated in the mitosis process, did you see how fast all the atoms were created? It wasn’t at the speed of light. Now, to understand why we do think the Universe needed to be created at the speed of light or faster. Try and imagine yourself inside the atom being created,  it would seem to be created supper fast, faster than the speed of light if you could be aware at the time of creation. This is due to your scale being so small everything would just appear. It didn’t take millions of degrees to make those atoms in DNA, it took energy in the form of vibrations, something which isn’t studied existing in the Universe right now as it’s full of cosmic noise.

The four things found in atoms, strong and weak force, gravitational force and electromagnetic force, all of which is located here, in this galaxy and universe. Atoms can communicate this we know when we see evolution, entanglement or just being on the same brain wave as someone else able to read their thoughts, thinking is done on the atomic level. We access memory stored in our brains, it might be no different than how binary code is interpreted, only at a cellular level. When we do figure out which frequencies are responsible for memory, we can see the past to the beginning. An atom is infinite, it can communicate, entangle and it stores information lasting forever.

I can give references to anything I refer to proving its possible. I’m also writing as a scientist wants to tell someone how this or that works, with no details left out as the big bang does. As Einstein once said, “if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t know it well enough yourself” or something like that.

Scale Theory also understands everything has a scale to it and once we see the scale of the universe as it really is, not from one little part of space we sit in, much more is understood why galaxies are formed the way they are etc. I will go in detail about all subjects including that one in the book.

We should look at creation which happens at the smallest of scales because everything still works at the smallest scales, small waves such as the CMB (cosmic microwave background) has microwaves which have been there since creation on the outer shell of the universe. Those same microwaves are even smaller in a multiverse scale, as are vibrations protons, boson or quarks make in our scale.

Much more to be said, stay tuned.

JT Tilly

Arizona USA

Book in the works, looking for help, please reply for feedback.



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