A Different Perspective of Cymatic Shapes, Atom Vibrations and Variations Making Everything Unique


By JT Tilly

Alchemists shouldn’t have been looking at other chemicals/elements to accomplish the assumed impossible task of making gold from lead. Nor should chemists rely on an impossible task of creating the exact molecule to combat disease or something mundane, as an artificial flavor.

If atoms vibrate, then shapes are also formed, relayed as information other atoms can interpret. A picture is worth a thousand words, yet, we see a shape, pictured below, (Figure 1) having countless mathematical formulas relying on its creation. One frequency holds the key to this shape, but would involve hours of coding to accomplish the same. Chemists do the same seemingly impossible task, producing molecules hoping to interact with a cell to either kill it or modify it to behave as desired.

3835 hz cymatic frequencies

Figure 1: Cymatics, 3835 Hz Frequency using salt on a metal plate connected to a speaker. Image Credit

Using what already exists skips the daunting tasks of reinventing the wheel. What everything is made of holds the keys we have been looking for. Frequencies are the key alchemists were looking for.

An atom only has electrons circling its nucleus, how else would a chemical reaction take place? It’s not liquid at the atomic level, it isn’t even gaseous or a solid. What else is there to an atom, causing a reaction, if it has nothing but vibrations, energy and frequency? Never forgetting polarity, balanced or unbalanced. What Nikola Tesla said, must be really true.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

There is also a resemblance of the above shape of 3835 Hz pattern to the Tablet of Shamash. This will be another subject we can visit, but isn’t in the best interest of society if we continue having a deviant government and no one can seemingly get along with one another. Some technology is more advanced than our psyche can actually handle. This isn’t anything new and has been said before. It only takes one lunatic to cause havoc for the rest of us. Will technology outpace our own mentality? (I just thought I would add this part in, it doesn’t back the theory, only makes light of how much we think we know, but just might not) The theory behind the tablet, is its a blueprint for anti-gravity, as I said, this is another subject we can visit someday. Hopefully my book will come out first.

Actually, I’m not sure I should be sharing this much, hoping I’m actually wrong. The only problem is, too much evidence backs my theory up. However, not knowing the entire theory of Scale Theory, can also keep a stuck concept, stuck.  


Figure 2:  Tablet of Shamash. Image credit – By Prioryman – Own work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18137556

So far, what nature is trying to convey to us all sounds simple then doesn’t it? We just need to find the correct vibrations and energy to do what atoms do. That would seem logical at least. Well, it isn’t that simple, but it is much simpler than reinventing the wheel with the correct molecule for each problem faced as a chemist looking for a cure.

As we find cures to disease today, we can also test the new drug for other uses. We should utilize all the work that went into creating the drug for use somewhere else. Most likely, it only has one application. The same wouldn’t be true, if and when we find how vibrations, polarity and the exchange of protons or electrons creating a molecules shape is actually done, naturally. Mimicking exactly how atoms interact, causing chemical reactions to take place. When we find what works with a single atom, molecule, the same will work for that single atom in other molecules containing the same atom. Building molecules using vibrations, rather than finding the correct molecule/element. The vibrations ultimately do what you want, we couldn’t smell if atoms didn’t vibrate and our receptors didn’t turn it into electricity. A periodic table could be created of sorts, so when the bonds of one atom are calculated, it can be easily referenced for future use. We do need a science of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, we don’t have one, I’d like to start one… someday… maybe.

Say for instance bonding Hydrogen with Oxygen, is it just that Oxygen has more electrons than Hydrogen and when a photon is emitted, energy lost, the two will join creating water?  As in a fuel cell, hydrogen losses an electron in a catalytic reaction becoming an ion, therefore creating electricity. Then the Hydrogen ion combines with Oxygen, as it is looking for an electron, ultimately producing water vapor. When we do find what bonds elements together removing energy as microwaves can cool or split Hydrogen and Oxygen in a saline solution using frequency alone, the same process can be reused on other compounds instead of creating new molecules for the desired effect.

We break bonds of water now, we just use an incredible amount of electricity to force the bonds of Hydrogen and Oxygen apart. What is electricity, but what an atom is made of, releasing a spectrum when enough electricity is applied. Electricity is also a frequency, if you want lots of it, turn up the amplitude. Nature doesn’t break bonds or create them using electricity with the amplitude set so high. It does it with shapes of information contained in that vibration, loaded with information only an atom knows. The language of atoms if you will.

Frequencies create shapes, should we not have a science field reflecting the true nature of frequencies, along with everything they are capable of and responsible for? A new book will outline how everything is a frequency and capable of making shapes, from the atomic level to our Universe, as everything resembles a shape where frequency is involved.


Figure 3: A very small section of the Universe, big to us though. The more you zoom out, the more solid it becomes. Image credit

The book also calls for a dedicated science field concerning frequencies and magnetism, what their capabilities are. If we look up the study of frequencies or the electromagnetic spectrum, there isn’t anything with an, “logy” at the end.

However, the above photo, (Figure 1) is cymatics, meaning, “wave” it’s a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. A phenomenon is harsh for a natural process, which we don’t understand. How else would patterns be made throughout the Cosmos and why do we excel at pattern recognition?

Galaxies are formed from what appears to be nothing, yet the Universe is filled with frequencies, we call it “noise”. Cosmic noise therefore has a reason, only we haven’t really studied it, have we? Spiral patterns have also been created in a lab using frequency alone. (2:08)

Therefore, maybe the study of all waves should be “kyma” meaning wave and “ology or logy” a scientific discipline. Cymology, should be the study of waves, magnetism, electromagnetic spectrum and their energy. If energy exists in everything, should it not be studied? All that’s needed is for a sun to warm an object up, and then said object will move. e.g. focus sunlight on an asteroid changing its trajectory away from an Earth collision. Thermodynamics plays a big role in our Universe, more so than any scientist will admit to. They just found out the solar wind stops or slows tremendously, according to Voyager II. What else stops at almost absolute zero, but also travels incredibly fast if it’s mass is large/small enough?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
― Nikola Tesla

Slight variations in these patterns are the cause for many difference in something exactly the same, e.g. Every snow flake is different, no finger print is ever alike. Probability plays a role in determining where an electron will be, as it moves at such an incredible rate of speed. Therefore, chaos probability exists everywhere an atom resides, which is then, Universal.

Every atom has an electrical force, protons and neutrons, positive and negative. Some atoms have less or more of an electrical charge, which is good for doping transistors with an amplifying effect.

There are many more secrets I’d like to share, but this information can also be used in the wrong fashion. It doesn’t belong in the hands of today’s government with desires of power, ready to blow ourselves up, rendering the planet useless with radiation for millions of years. The planet doesn’t care, it will live on, hopefully bouncing back to its original state, before man came along. It’s kind of cool knowing atoms can last for what can be construed as infinite, but as our Universe has lasted billions of revolutions around a single tiny Sun, it certainly seems to last for infinity. Billions of years to us, at least is infinity. Some suns are said to last trillions of years, how should we define infinity?

Following the methods of nature, as we learned to fly will let us find the secrets to the Universe. We just need to open our minds and let all of what we know fall into it place, accepting new concepts of how this Universe can be perceived.

Lasting language is in shapes, one that isn’t left to interpretation. Egyptians used shapes referred to as hieroglyphics; the society lasted thousands of years. The Chinese use shapes for each word, having genealogy dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). Should we not use what works using less energy in the process as nature intended?

Let me tell you about an ultimate language, telepathy is possible. It’s been proven in a lab to some degree. If we could communicate telepathically, would it not be easy to convey and receive ideas, methods or proposals using how you picture it in your mind’s eye?  Telepathy is when we are on the same brain waves as someone else. This is how we refer to telepathy at least.  

I sure hope these words accomplished my mind’s eye point of view. It really isn’t that easy to do. I really haven’t said exactly what was intended for it to come out somewhat coherent. So much more could be added, and frankly, I’m not a writer by any means. [If you know an editor – co-author, please send my information to them, thanks]

There is more evidence we can discuss backing up this claim, we should be pondering for our futures sake. Nature doesn’t think bigger or more is better, it uses the least it can to conserve energy, as a bee uses wax in hexagonal shapes conserving wax, time and energy.

Footnote, any errors in grammar or spelling, please let me know. Any disagreements in the concept, please also let me know, along with agreements. More than likely it doesn’t sound as intended. That fact is very possible, for translating thoughts into words conveying the thought to it’s apex, the highest level one can communicate at with full comprehension, is just about impossible.



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