Light Spectrum of the Universe

Scale Theory also predicts bigger objects than just a multiverse, elements alone in our scale are rarely found by themselves, because they are too reactive, elements alone wouldn’t be found in other scales either. This is one possibility why atoms emit and absorb so many frequencies in a higher state, an electromagnetic spectrum of elements. Our universe is full of different atoms and the prominent ones are more pronounced. The most abundant element in the Universe is Hydrogen. (Figure below) Scales are fractals with the same patterns repeated.



Emission light spectrum of hydrogen (bottom) Cosmic Light Spectrum of the Universe (top) Not to scale. If it was measured on the same instrument, the blues might match up, but they do resemble one another. An atom is just the same as the Universe it has the same properties.


If we could examine our Universe from the outside, looking in, would it behave resembling what it’s mostly made of?  Examining the elements in emission and absorption spectrums, many frequencies are contained in a single atom, not only in the visible spectrum. Meaning it’s quite possibly made of many different “elements”? Some emission lines are bolder or more pronounced than others, will this mean there isn’t as much of that frequency or component? What this is establishing is elements are more than just protons, neutrons and electrons. What is inside the proton and neutrons will also come out in the spectrum.

Elementary logic would tell us, a single element would have one frequency, as that’s all it is. Then why do some elements have many more spectral lines than others, not even relating to the amount of protons/electron ratio. Because there must be more to each atom as finding Quarks, Leptons, Bosons, and even all the hypothetical particles are telling us. We don’t need to smash them apart to find these particles either, they are in the spectrum, together and working. Anything that works is much easier to find something out about it.



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