Scale Theory – Thermodynamics in Space – UPDATED 8-29-17 – The Universe Isn’t Expanding

By J.T. Tilly


It isn’t apparent why we feel the need to smash atoms together at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) ([i]) achieving such high temperatures, such as the exotic matter created at 2 trillion Kelvin ([ii]) which lasts milliseconds. For some reason we believe the Big Bang had this great beginning with huge temperatures to create so much matter in our Universe. I don’t believe anyone said the Universe must start with immense temperatures; science doesn’t point out any examples or analogies either of what it was like at the beginning, Scale Theory does.

Do we need 2 trillion Kelvin for cells to split creating billions, maybe trillions of atoms in one cell? Do plants need high voltage to achieve what photosynthesis does to water? The accepted theory is all matter in our Universe was created with a Big Bang, a singularity, having to slow down in an instant only due to the assumed age of the Universe, never forgetting it’s still inflating at an enormous rate after it slowed down and there is no sign it will ever contract. Never mentioning contraction ignores Newton’s third law of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Referring to the only creation we know of does answer this question of opposite reactions conforming to inflation at a uniform rate, such as a rubber band stretching.  Pulling the ends makes the outside stretch faster than the inside, as would an atom expanding from heat, or any spherical shaped object.





The expansion of the Universe is something like elastic as astronomers explain it. The furthest objects from us move faster than those closest to us. It’s the same as if you were to heat elements expanding them. The outside heats up first and therefore moves away faster as heat generates inward. (See above Heated/Universe) As heat works its way into an object, atoms, the outside will move faster than the inside because heat hasn’t reached it yet expanding it. The same is true for any object, even Universe’s. The Universe has to have an outside edge, or else the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) is a farce.

Ever wondered about the expansion of the Universe and when it’s going to contract, if ever? Well, it has to someday, as time in our Universe, well outside our Universe is much different, as it’s in a much bigger scale and the Universe scale is different than ours; all the same rules of physics still apply however. Not only is this Universe frozen where everything takes a long time in our Universe scale, but the Earth is so tiny in the concept of an entire Universe. If we believe a multi-Universe exists as quantum mechanics predicts, nothing really changes, everything is still the same and I hope you don’t get lost on this point. We are only viewing the Universe from outside of it in this perspective, with many Universe’s next to us as a cell has trillions of atoms within it’s membrane.

Today’s scientists don’t even mention contraction; it’s a subject they ignore. How can they do that and get away with it?

However, in comparison to the Big Bang, mitosis , a process we already know for creation, where cells are splitting making an exact copy by the second, (having to slow down in the instant the cell wall was created) including every particle within each atom so we grow and renew. When an atom is created it to has to slow down in an instant also with all of its parts, gluons, quarks and gravity due to its mass, all intact and ready to go. Then evolution takes over where atoms do communicate; we couldn’t have evolution if they didn’t. The call is made with everything inside an atom already intact and ready to perform.

Could these processes actually be how a Universe starts as the estimated mass of a proton is 1.672621898(21)×10−27 kg and the estimated mass of the Universe is 1053 kg, (ordinary matter) obviously these two numbers will be at opposite ends of the scales. Yet the density of the Universe, 9.9×10−30 g/cm3 which is almost the same as the mass of a proton; each proton and each Universe are not exactly the same as none of us are the same. We came from the Universe therefore the Universe must have qualities of what we are made of. Now a  Plank mass is approximately 0.0000217651 grams—about the mass of a flea egg. Viewing the density of a Planck, which is 5.15500 × 1096 kg/m3  and the density of the Universe is 9.9×10−30 g/cm3. How is this all possible as a Planck length, which is about 10−20 times the proton’s radius. So we have all this density in a Planck, not knowing exactly how many are inside a proton, yet as much mass as a flea egg in each Planck?

We wonder about a multi-Universe quantum theory predicts and this could just explain it without really stretching your imagination. I mean a copy of a cell is achieved by the second, without high voltage or trillions of degrees. Could it really be this simple, Scale Theory is much simpler as it should be, the simplest usually works best. The more you understand about Scale Theory which is written for everyone to comprehend, the more you can see just how similar scales are, just as we see the city getting smaller and smaller the further up in the sky we go.

If the Universe is made of atoms, it stands to figure the Universe is constructed in the same way. We come from our parents which look like us only the parents are much bigger. Atoms don’t grow like an organism, thankfully. How our smallest particle is constructed should resemble the Universe only on a much bigger scale.

Should we not view the Universe this way? It is the most logical way of looking at it though, one does have to admit.

Just imagine being inside one of those cells which just split and made new atoms. How fast would creation take if we were inside? It would seem even faster, something assumed to be the speed of light then stopping in an instant when the cell completes. A copy of a cell is made in seconds; an atom inside a cell is made even faster. Would it be safe to say again, the Big Bang is explaining exactly how it would look inside one of those atoms which were split into a new cell?

Which came first, the atom or the Universe, the smallest or the biggest? Did we ever figure out the chicken and the egg?

Is it too tough imagining an entire Universe could be inside an atom, yet we can’t even guess why the Big Bang, banged… ([i])  On the most basic level, It isn’t that complicated for nature, creation happens every second in an organism or bacteria, just a bunch of vibrations from the atoms or molecules.

We don’t actually have to be in the atom, we need to think in scales as Earth isn’t the “scale” and everything else needs to be figured out around us, such as we do now. We are part of something bigger, a Universe itself has to follow laws of physics at the basic levels, something we have overlooked. We are after all spherical, as the CMB suggests, ([ii]) this is what gravity does to objects, making them spherical. We, the Earth and solar system, are in this system and are about the size of a Planck if not smaller compared to the Universe we are in. So according to the third law of thermodynamics, this small entity inside a sphere would stop moving as we see our night sky, it isn’t just distance which makes everything look frozen, it really is. We need to put ourselves into perspective and account for our size in the size of the Universe. Our Universe and everything in it is almost at absolute zero, as if we were in a lab on a dish and nothing was moving. Our calculation is at an average of 2.73K, (-454.76° F) about 5° F above absolute zero (Absolute zero = -459.67°F) for this Universe. ([iii]) Look at it from the analogy of a lab tech who froze some atoms with us in it, will they see anything move inside that atom? Not unless they looked for a real long time, but yes, there is movement in the small scale at absolute zero, our scale as if we were in an atom. This is how the Universe is constructed, it’s made of atoms and also follows the laws of physics atoms follow, made of the same properties matter and the Universe is. Pockets of zero point energy, suns/particles moving through the cold allow for movement, slow as it maybe.





Maybe this will help with the scale of Earth and the solar system which are in inside this Universe. (Fig. 1) Even looking at the simulated map of the Universe, this isn’t the entire picture, it’s bigger than this photo even shows. Realizing everything we see, which includes us in there somewhere, is at almost Absolute Zero and the further we zoom out, the more we realize the temperature we are at should be figured in and scale does matter.

The reason we actually do move or anything else moves around us, quantum physics points the solution out; zero point energy ([i]) exists inside the atom at or around Absolute Zero. I like to call them suns. The Universe is a big place and we must figure in where we are in this scale.

It might seem to us everything is moving real fast, but when we put it into perspective, we are only moving at a snail’s pace. There is a reason for this, which might be examined at a later time.

We should be asking, “Why temperature hasn’t been applied to the macro scales, especially now that we have probes at the outer edges of space.”


To be continued…

Feedback welcome good or bad so lets hear it, how can this never be or it makes sense and we should start studying frequencies in the small and big. Because what would a big frequency in multi-Universe style look like? You thought a 1 hertz wave length was a long distance, just imagine a -100GHz wave length, if we could make one. That frequency could cover many Universe’s at the same time, as frequencies travel across atoms; and a good start for finding out about entanglement. A big wave length could extend out universe in one second or instantaneously and return. Resonance and electromagnetic forces are our friend though.

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