Dark Energy, What is it?


By J.T. Tilly

Here’s a possibility, tell me what you think. How do I post this so more people can see it? Such as the “important ones”, the physicists and cosmologists, Probably impossible to get their opinions. Every opinion matters, I’m just trying to get things going and see if this is viable to pursue.

Let’s start by using an analogy, assuming we are living inside an atom, preferably inside a proton, maybe even a Planck… let’s just say our Universe is stuck inside a proton. All purely hypothetical and wouldn’t mean it was true, we’re just assuming it could be. We as humans would be smaller than small, as Carl Sagan wanted to see Earth from voyager turning its cameras around, thinking we were insignificant then, we are much, much smaller than the little blue marble. We are actually on the blue marble even in our analogy, but that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Anyway, we are minding our own business, as we are now, well except politicians who keep messing with our lives… All of a sudden, the atom we’re in starts to warm up and expand. We don’t know why it’s warming up or that it is; it just is, as many do.

We are also talking about infinitesimally small fluctuations of temperature when we warm up, as we are tiny, with lots and lots of space between everything at 2.73° K, about the same as the CMB [1]  fluctuations, pretty close… within error? Come to think of it, something also similar to the outside of an atom or wave function, maybe even a proton or even a Planck. A dot in the center, a “nucleus”, seems to be everywhere, even in galaxies or star systems, etc. Funny thing is, we, the proton, are also full of gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces.

Would it be known we were warming up and expanding from the outside, inside our proton? Would the expansion inside the 50,000 times of space a proton is sitting in be uniform or expanding from the outside, pulling, so to say, the inside with it?

From the outside in, Correct? Radiant heat travels uniformly and slowly dependent on composition and a bunch of other things. But for sake of argument, at the center, or there about, everything would look as if it’s moving away from us and the further the objects were, they moved away at a faster rate than the ones closest to us. Exponential expansion, as inflation I believe states.

Sound familiar? Quantum theory, mechanics or physics predicts Multi-Universe’s, let’s go with it? This is just a theory I’ve had and it jives with many, many other subjects giving explanations using what we already know, the perspective just changes opening new doors, beside confidence of knowing something actually fits instead of all the unanswered mysteries.

Heat a piece of Iron, the outside will expand faster than the center, heating it from the outside, until it reaches its melting point; still a little cooler in the center. Trillions of atoms are all expanding uniformly on their exteriors, but exponentially expanding with numbers of atoms; as it happens with a single atom. The radiant heat is in the form of microwaves, cosmic noise, white noise or negative Hz in Multi-Universe’s which have bigger frequencies then we do if we intend on believing quantum theory\mechanics\physics.

Have we seen an atom at its melting point, be tough to do wouldn’t it? Do you think the inside of an atom or protons and neutrons feel the heat even when a metal melts. I was just curious what actually melts the electron or the entire atom and when it cools everything just finds a new electron and solidifies back to how it was, only with a different structure or bond. How a metal is heated and cooled also depends on its structure, bond or even polarity.

The one thing science books don’t teach, well, many things. Is where, when, why, how the Universe will contract, as every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We are supposed to ignore that part, as some physicists tell us. So who’s the guy blowing up the balloon in the expanding Universe? The picture or something similar is actually in physics books.

References: Yep just one, the rest are links highlighted in the subject matter.

  1. “It shows tiny temperature fluctuations that correspond to regions of slightly different densities” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_microwave_background

If you want other reference, let me know, got lots, it’s mainly all the basics though. There is much more which could have been expanded on, no pun.




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