By J.T. Tilly

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What’s going on here? How is everything  going so fast through the Universe? This isn’t perplexing to you?

We can relate to how slow everything is moving in the Universe, we think it’s moving fast as we’ve calculated the Earth to be moving through the Universe at approx. 2.5 million miles an hour,  yet if we step way back from this process, we can’t see anything move. As stars in the night sky take thousands of years, millions, to us at least, changing positions where we can’t even discern they have in fact moved without a photograph to compare. Our perception of the night sky could be compared to a flower opening up taking a day to do so or a plant growing taking 2 months just to produce the flower’s bud. Our eyes don’t see the immediate motion in scales either.

Why is the earth moving through the Universe at approximately 2.5 million miles an hour in a temperature of 2.73K? One possible solution from Scale Theories perception is perspective. When we step back, laws of physics might seem different, but they really aren’t. Scales or order of magnitude plays what we think are tricks, but if we were to chill atoms down to 2.73° Kelvin in a lab, it would look as if everything inside that atom stopped. But if we could observe those same atoms at a constant temperature of 2.73° K for a million or 10 million years, (rotation of one planet around one sun, our unit of time) the atoms and particles, if we could see inside the proton also, would have actually moved in comparison to how fast the night sky changes. There are several similar scale examples this process can be compared to – It’s not an easily explained subject, pictures or a video would help tremendously –

(Updated 11-23-2016: Did you at least see an example of how a place which is full of atoms acts the same way as an atom itself? I hate to say it, but fractals do exist and are easily found in nature. Not many want to accept this as their Universe though. However, this is the new thinking, one which adds quantum mechanics multiverse prediction. We all know quantum theory is based off of observations of nature itself. – Examine what we can study, never speculate – What’s also included, is nature itself into Scale Theory. – Can’t add a photo I so wanted to show you, so a link will need to suffice… apologies –

What might seem fast to us, isn’t, everything goes slower at a distance. Is this not why we have quantum mechanical zero point energy? Has quantum physics been incorrect?)

If the rumor of aliens being so advanced were true, communicating telepathically. I can see why it would make you more advanced. Not having to use these words which can be interpreted any way the reader chooses or what was written wasn’t communicated fully. If ideas were exchanged through frequency, you would be able to see exactly what someone wanted to convey to you, then, all doubt or invalid interpretations would be a thing of the past. I couldn’t even explain this as I wanted to because words are limited having 5 or more definitions each. Keeping the interest of the readers is also a concern, well, if you were allowed to see how your imagination worked from someone else, sharing images to you telepathically, readers would be more than interested.

As you know, if you read the home page. I’m writing a book, attempting to at least, and need some help with it. Many more subjects like this giving some clue of what is really going on in this Universe. One perspective using deductive logic as how many other explanations are there which kind of make some sense?

I also need funding, for if it doesn’t get funded, these subjects will be lost as I just can’t think this way having a boss and the added stress a job gives due to the people and the games they play.

So if you like these subjects and possible solutions, let me know how you’d like to help. Thanks in advance.

At this scale, cold is effecting us, we just think we’re moving real fast, but we aren’t….and we are, only to us though; as being a part of something bigger would. What other reason would there be for laws of physics broken in front of our eyes other than scale? Compare it to sitting inside a proton at 2.73° K and the proton was the size of the Universe, floating in 50,000 times of space it has around it. We couldn’t see you going 2.5 million mph, but we can’t see inside of the proton anyways, it’s why we are smashing them with fast hammers…

JT Tilly

Dark Energy, What is it?

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2 thoughts on “Why is the earth or anything moving through the Universe so fast, especially at a bone chilling 2.73K? All particles should almost stop, shouldn’t they?

  1. Next question? Depends on response here – Why does it take so long for the Milky Way to make one revolution? Next after that: Why does the Milky Way rotate at all?
    What other explanations have you heard, if any?


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