An Infinite Time in Space – from a singularity, nothing at all, to an atom… with a universe of particles within – Scale Theory


An Infinite Time in Space – From a singularity, nothing at all, to an atom… with a universe of particles within

Scale Theory

An explanation of scales and their functions within the cosmos, comprehensively illustrating orders of magnitude in our fundamental relationship between the astronomically immense and infinitesimally minute objects required to form a balanced entity; extending bidirectional developing an overall structure beyond our observable Cosmos. As we extend beyond our observable Cosmos, the structure created permits a diverse perspective into existing questions, dogmas or solving a riddle when asking, “What created the Universe”. Solving how we are made first quantifies how it works or may work; an overall picture of how it’s all made enables new perspectives utilizing existing truths.

There is a side that says the universe is finite and believes it’s only as big as the speed of light since the Big Bang,  light speed multiplied by when the universe began to now, suggests it’s a perfect sphere. The other side says that the universe extends forever in every direction.

Hopefully we will have a new theory someday, one where the “Big Bang” expands and obeys every law of physics we can all get behind. Relativity does blend with the quantum world only I believe we haven’t seen the entire picture; something is missing. Everything is in a scale of big or small. The small is comparable to the big.

This video has the same concept as Scale Theory, demonstrating one scale with much bigger scales, all forming a different perspective. Scale Theory extends to the biggest scales we can think of, such as spherical Universe’s portrayed as atoms, producing replicating organism’s as the Universe itself is. The smaller scales are also discussed, but going up in scales will inform of the smaller scale, simultaneously, such as a fractal. – Creating a cell made of universe sized atoms, can actually explain us in our scale, especially if we could imagine our atoms the size of the Universe – In other words, there are 1014 atoms in a typical human cell and in the scale we will be visiting, the atoms are Universe sized. Is that big enough to think about? It answers more than you would think.

Scale Theory doesn’t make Multi-Universe’s exist even if they were to exist. Scale Theory only opens doors by looking at our Universe from a different perspective. If questions are never asked or even thought of, how will advancement take place?

Has this following question been asked, let alone thinking we have a possibility of an answer?

“Why is entanglement, a thing…? Why is it there and what is its purpose?”

“How can atoms at opposite ends of the Universe react simultaneously anyway?”

These are the questions Scale Theory leads us to ask, including conclusions using deductive logic for each unasked and asked question. No vague explanations or skimming over the point, as there will be no need to. It will become obvious how our Universe was made and what will happen to it, with why things are the way they are. In essence, it’s a theory of everything, effecting advancement for every field of science and study we know of.

Yes, these are big claims, but isn’t it time to start coming up with possible solutions and answering the unanswered physics questions. Hopefully a realization will overcome us to ask even more questions with possible solutions which are actually usable in a lab for real advancement, which we’ve seem to have lost referring to new energy concepts. Tesla’s free energy, I think I got it figured out. I read he once made a bolt of lightning on a sunny afternoon and what’s more free than lightning? Dust particles making static electricity in moist air doesn’t make lightning, I think I know what does though.

Scale Theory has many possible solutions which should be proved correct or incorrect, unfortunately no equipment or funds for the equipment to do so. It could however, keep many busy with all it has to offer in new concepts, let alone science fiction novels using this concept to see our past using the frequencies memory works with on an LED monitor. Not your memories, just the frequencies memory uses. Copying nature, going back to basics is key to most discoveries. Tons of other tech I’d like to build too, but lack resources.

We already know we can break bonds of water with frequency alone or that we have made microwaves chill objects to almost absolute zero. (ref in book or ask for link) Scale Theory is right on track then and diseases could be cured and 100% effective, safe atomic energy could be a reality, alternative low-cost heating and cooling also. How about desalinating our rising ocean at a fraction of the cost? As our past has proved, the ice melting at the poles isn’t stopping any time soon.

Just hear the piece out, Scale Theory does have one possible answer about entanglement, one where we are observing the Universe as defined by an organism right here on Earth, referring back to the Universe sized cell. Frequencies are in all scales above (macro) and below us (micro). This comparison is what makes Scale Theory so easy… no guesswork, and practical; atoms are everywhere in the Universe. Shouldn’t a perspective such as this been an easy assumption, even if the Universe isn’t an atom, only it behaves as one would. From the inside view for us, of course. – There is an answer to entanglement and why it could be there, in the book of course.

Included are: “Why do objects in space move so fast at the Universe’s average temperature of 2.73° Kelvin, but when everything else is chilled to that temperature, all movement and almost all energy stops?” “Everything, even what’s in space should obey that laws of physics, yet we have how much kinetic energy with all objects moving at thousands of miles an hour?”- Updated: Submitted paper 9-20-16 Scientific Reports SCALE THEORY – A NEW PERSPECTIVE – waiting approval

 If all this wasn’t enough to inspire you to fund this project? Wouldn’t it also be exhilarating to say you possibly helped find new cures for diseases which are 100% effective? Wouldn’t we like to stop burning fossil fuels so we could have fresh air water and the likes? Harness the power of the atom or lightning just knowing the basics of frequencies, with Scale Theory’s insight of course could be a possibility. Does anyone like to conserve? Someday soon we could be using much less energy to heat and cool homes or businesses, independently, imitating nature. How about desalinating our rising ocean at a fraction of the cost? As our past has proved, the ice melting at the poles isn’t stopping any time soon.

Unfortunately, the forthcoming concepts will be opposed, as any idea with good intentions for the planet which are bad for profits have demonstrated since the industrial revolution. It hasn’t been an easy road, breaking away from fossil fuel energy; it’s still the most used energy.

Updated – later in the day it was updated/posted on: 9-14-16

I should add in the benefits of Scale Theory, we all want to know what good it might do for society. Well, good question. One thing off the bat would be a different understanding of renewable energy with different ways of making it. Seeing a world made a way with what we already know – that was a lot of ‘w’s – only we aren’t scratching our heads with stuff like, “If the Universe is expanding and speeding up, when will it contract?” You know, every action has opposite reaction kinda law. All I can say is Scale Theory could in fact affect every field of study. No joke… All science stays the same, what we’ve figured out is real, just a few tweaks. The physicists won’t like this part, infinity is real, as we observe it in formulas. Sorry, what kind of science it that anyway? Ignoring infinity.

Ice melting isn’t stopping anytime soon unless we all stop driving, flying and making electricity…

People might think this is pseudoscience and jump to conclusions before learning everything and I don’t think we have changed much from the flat earth days as some still believe in the flat Earth. Isn’t science that was thought to be correct and found incorrect pseudoscience? Having a theory which doesn’t explain or even mention contraction when they utter something is expanding is pseudoscience to me. But that’s my own opinion.